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Copper is one of the earliest discovered and used metals. Copper and its alloys as a result of conductivity and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, easy processing, tensile strength and fatigue strength is widely used in the consumption of metal materials, second only to steel and aluminum, is an indispensable foundation Materials and strategic supplies. In the electrical industry, machinery industry, chemical industry, the defense industry and other sectors have a wide range of uses. Copper concentrate is a low-grade copper ore ore after dressing process to achieve a certain quality indicators of concentrate, can be directly used for smelting copper smelting.


Copper concentrate smelting process:

1. Pyrometallurgical smelting is generally the first copper percentage of a few or a few thousandths of the original ore, ore beneficiation increased to 20-30%, as copper concentrate, in a closed blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, electric stove or flash stove (Matte) and then sent into the converter for blowing into blister copper, and then in another reverberatory furnace by oxidation refining dehybridization, or cast into the anode plate for electrolysis, access to high-grade 99.9% of the electrolytic copper. The process is short, adaptable, copper recovery rate of up to 95%, but the sulfur in the sulfur-making and blowing sulfur dioxide in the two stages of exhaust emissions, difficult to recover, easily lead to pollution.

2. Modern hydrometallurgy has sulfuric acid roasting-leaching-electrodeposition, leaching-extraction-electrodeposition, bacterial leaching and other methods, suitable for low grade complex ore, copper oxide, copper ore waste heap leaching, Or in situ leaching.

Copper ore beneficiation process is mainly broken - ball mill - grading - flotation - selection and so on nickel, cobalt, molybdenum and other rare and precious metal ore, copper concentrate can be re-flotation of nickel concentrate Ore, cobalt concentrate, molybdenum concentrate, gold concentrate.

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