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    Date:  2016-10-11Author:  ZENITH

Mixing station is mainly used for concrete works, the main purpose for the mixing of concrete mixing. For agitated concrete, road and bridge, water conservancy, airports, ports and other large infrastructure projects and large demand for concrete places.

mixing station

The mixing station adopts the advanced automatic control system.

Daily maintenance of concrete mixing plant

1, to ensure that the machine and the surrounding environment clean.

2, the hopper in time to clear the accumulation of materials, so that the sensor back to normal.

3, check the lubrication point of the lubricating oil is sufficient, the gas system in the oil mist device should maintain a sufficient amount of oil.

4, check the electrical, electrical overheating, abnormal noise, instrumentation is normal, the signal system is intact.

5, regular checks, adjust the cylinder, butterfly valves and electromagnetic valves, so that opening and closing to meet the requirements.

6, regular checks of the system, if leakage ash, leakage, leakage and leakage phenomena such as timely treatment.

7, mixer and hopper should be cleaned once every four hours, so as not to consolidate the residual concrete, hinder the normal operation.

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