River pebbles reflect the value

    Date:  2016-10-12Author:  ZENITH

River gravel is a natural raw material, after thousands of years of crustal movement after the ancient riverbed uplift and some of the stones, and then after the impact of flash floods, water washing and constant extrusion, friction. River pebbles are the main component of silica, different colors of the river pebbles contain chemical composition is not the same, common river pebbles contain a small amount of iron, magnesium, copper and other elements. River gravel is a natural material, hard texture, color and simple and clear and non-toxic harmless, has a good compression resistance and corrosion resistance, is a very good building materials.

river stone plant

The river pebbles are widely used in various industries after crushing, sand making, screening and other processes, in which the use of the most engineering fields, such as railway construction, highway construction, bridge construction, sand production machinery and stone shaping and so on. River pebbles can also be treated as concrete aggregate, and the number of river pebbles is huge, resource-rich, the cost of collection less.

After the sand processing of the river gravel effect is very large, is widely used in various fields.

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