jaw crusher operating manual

    Date:  2016-10-18Author:  ZENITH

Jaw crusher operation should pay attention to the following matters:

1. No-load test

(1) continuous operation for 2 hours, the bearing temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.

(2) all fasteners should be strong, no loosening.

(3) flywheel, sheave running smoothly.

(4) all friction components without abrasions, debris and grinding phenomenon, no abnormal sound.

(5) The adjustment device of the discharge opening should be able to guarantee the adjustment range of the discharge opening.


2. Load test

(1) jaw crusher shall not have periodic impact, impact sound.

(2) the maximum feed particle size should meet the design requirements.

(3) continuous operation for 8 hours, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 degrees.

(4) jaw crusher processing capacity and product size should meet the design requirements.

(5) adjust the seat and rack ear between the no significant move.

3. Preparation before use

(1) carefully check the bearing lubrication is good, the thrust plate at the link whether there is enough grease.

(2) carefully check all fasteners are tightened.

(3) carefully check the transmission belt is good. If found to be damaged when the phenomenon should be replaced, when the belt or pulley oil on the application of wiping the oil wipe clean.

(4) check the protective device is good, found that unsafe phenomenon should be promptly ruled out.

(5) check jaw crusher crushing cavity with or without minerals or debris. If the ore or debris is, you must clean up to ensure that jaw crusher cavity start.

(6) Check whether the back-up bolts, gasket is pressed, T-bolts are tightened.

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