jaw crusher failure manual

    Date:  2016-10-19Author:  ZENITH

Jaw crusher is widely used in concentrator, inertial force, poor working conditions, heavy load of rough broken equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, forfeiture play equipment production capacity, in addition to correct operation, regular maintenance and its maintenance, the need for accurate and timely manner to determine and eliminate the work may occur.


Jaw crusher common faults:

1. Broken grain and coarse, is the result of severe wear under the broken liner. The tooth plate should be replaced or replaced with a new liner to adjust the discharge port to achieve the required size.

2. Jaw crusher work, the lower part of the metal impact sound may be the following three reasons:

A. Crusher jaw and fixed jaw plate impact sound is due to the discharge port is too small, should be adjusted.

B. Thrust plate support or pad adjustment device in the crash sound, usually due to the elastic buffer rod spring disappear or damage, strong spring pressure is not tight caused by rotation, when the moving jaw plate, bracket, body combination of three is not close , So that the elbow board and both ends of the support impact, or adjust the gasket between the impact, should be tightened in time compression nut until the crash disappears.

C. It is also possible that the brackets bearing brackets are seriously or abruptly worn, and the brackets are severely worn and should be replaced in time.

3. flywheel significantly swing, slow eccentric shaft. The fault is due to pulley and flywheel keys loose or damaged, wheel and shaft can not be synchronized rotation. After the bracket broken frequently.

4. flywheel rotation, crusher does not work. The reason is because the rod spring and rod damage, rod nut tripping bracket bracket from the support in the prolapse, may also be broken brackets off, should be re-installed.

5. In addition to passing power behind the bracket, but also by the lack of strength from the insurance role. In addition to the strength of the middle of the brackets is too low, the strength is not enough to overcome the normal broken ore crushing force generated by damage, may be too high tension spring tension, coupled with the work of the crushing force to overload and fracture may be appropriate Tune the spring.

6. Work with metal impact sound, liner jitter. This phenomenon is often the cavity side of the liner board and the tooth plate loose, or fastening screws loose or broken, should be promptly fastened or replaced.

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