checklist for a impact crusher

    Date:  2016-10-19Author:  ZENITH

Impact Crusher Features:

1. The structure is simple and reasonable, low operating costs.

2. Breaking rate, energy saving.

3. With crushing, coarse grinding function.

4. Affected by the material moisture content is small, moisture content of up to 8%.

5. More suitable for crushing in the hard, special hard materials.

6. Product grain shape is excellent, was a cube, needle-chip content is very low.

7. Impeller wear from the lining is small, easy maintenance.

8. Working noise below 75 dB (db level).


Impact crusher Application materials: river pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, ore tailings, artificial sand.

Impact crusher works:

The material from the upper part of the machine vertically into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the role of high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella form in the impeller around the material to produce high-speed impact and crush, the material in the impingement, Between the shell to form a vortex material several times with each other impact, friction and crushing, from the bottom through the discharge, the formation of closed-loop several times, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required size of finished products.

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