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    Date:  2016-11-17Author:  ZENITH

“Cebu is a 1st provincial income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, and consisting of the main island itself and 167 surrounding islands and islets. Its capital is Cebu City. Cebu City forms part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area together with four neighboring cities (Danao City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City and Talisay City) and eight other local government units. Cebu has signs of mining and quarrying activities.”__About Cebu, from Wikipedia.

With the continuous development of infrastructure in the Philippines, the needs of the stone is also very objective, according to the market conditions, investment and mining industry prospects are good. Can be used for the production of stone material is very much, such as: rocks, shale, limestone, granite, river pebbles, basalt, pebbles and other hard materials can be used as artificial stone industry to produce the stone is very suitable for building materials , Roads, bridges, urban construction, hydropower and other industries aggregate.

mobile quarry equipment

ZENITH production of quarry equipment, also known as gravel production line, gravel production line, is the production of construction, roads, railways and other industries with sand and stone dedicated production line. Crushing material hardness of not more than 320Mpa, such as granite, basalt stone. Stone production line is the production of building sand and stone special equipment, quarry equipment, including jaw crusher, stone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor Wait.

quarry equipment production line features:

1, the gravel production line a high degree of automation.

2, high production efficiency, low operating costs, production, high yield.

3, reliable operation, easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

ZENITH welcome customers to inquire, what specific requirements can contact our customer service, she will for you to develop appropriate equipment.

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