sand washing machine | quarry crusher in Buenavista, Quezon, Calabarzon

    Date:  2017-01-04Author:  ZENITH

Buenavista is a third-class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. It is primarily upland municipality characterized by ragged terrain, generally hilly or mountainous with high plains, valleys and swamps.

Sand washing machine is gravel (artificial sand, natural sand) washing equipment. Sand washing machine is widely used in quarries.

Work, the power plant through the V-belt, reducer, gear driven to slow down after the impeller rotation, gravel into the tank from the feeding tank to complete the role of cleaning. Clean sand and gravel from the leaves away, the final gravel from the rotating impeller into the trough to complete the role of sand and gravel cleaning.


The quarry construction is a complex project, the quarry equipment is crushing equipment, grinding equipment, screening equipment, transportation equipment, cleaning equipment, in order to establish a qualified quarry production line for ordinary people is complex Fortunately, we are a professional production of quarry required for a variety of equipment business, we can provide a whole service.

Quarry crusher, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, grinding machine. With the Philippine infrastructure construction and development, the future, quarry demand is very large. If you can invest in the quarry business, this is a great idea. Aggregates produced in quarries can be used in road, rail, concrete, and in the industrial production sector also need ore powder.

We are a large professional manufacturer of mining crushing equipment, we can provide the gold crushing equipment, marble crushing equipment, river pebble crusher plant, rock crushing equipment, limestone processing plants. If you want to know quarry crusher in Buenavista, If you are interested in our sand washing machine, please contact us online-support.

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