basalt quarry equipment | mobile jaw crusher in Burdeos, Quezon, Calabarzon

    Date:  2017-01-05Author:  ZENITH

"Burdeos is a fourth class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. The municipality of Burdeos is geographically located in the coastal part of Polillo Island in the first Congressional District of the Province of Quezon, a town that is trapezoidal in shape, facing the vast Pacific Ocean with an area of approximately 20,948 hectares." -- About Burdeos from Wikipedia.

There are many basalt quarry equipment, a basalt quarrying equipment, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, conveyor belt and so on. If you build a basalt quarry in a fixed place, I think you need a truck. Can the construction of basalt quarrying equipment in the exploitation of basalt areas? This would solve the cost of stone handling. Here I focus on our production of mobile jaw crusher.

We produce mobile jaw crusher in two models, one is the tire type, one is the crawler, and their common feature is easy to transport, can adapt to a variety of complex environments. With the exploitation of stone and easy to move forward. They are also very efficient. Fully meet the daily needs of the broken production, while its price is very cheap, is the pre-quarry equipment investment in the ideal equipment.

We are a large professional manufacturer of mining crushing equipment, we can provide the gold crushing equipment, marble crushing equipment, river pebble crusher plant, rock crushing equipment, limestone processing plants. If you want to know basalt quarry equipment in Burdeos, If you are interested in our mobile jaw crusher, please contact us online-support.


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